What is Handmade Lemonade?

Handmade Lemonade is a project that I have with my wife Alessandra where we get to combine all of our skills and weird out-of-the-office passions into something physical. Both of us being designers we always had a thing for arts & crafts so all the hours spent playing with screen printing, calligraphy, sewing and other things ended up being the core of Handmade Lemonade. What started as a way to release some creative steam turned into this cool project with interesting possibilities.


Personal Project

What I do:

  • Design concept
  • Illustration
  • Calligraphy
  • Screen printing

What she does:

  • Design concept
  • Product concept
  • Screen Printing
  • Sewing

The Works

We are inspired by the lifestyle we discovered living in Vancouver and one of the things we love about it is to enjoy everything that is local. From restaurants to small shops, Vancouver has a vibrant community with lots of local products and services to offer and Handmade Lemonade aims to be part of this local culture.

We print our products at BLIM, a studio in Chinatown where we get our hands dirty doing screen printing. Our home studio is the chaotic place where illustrations and calligraphy have to compete with the sewing machine and hundreds of buttons, fabric, inks and more. Printing cards and tags at local print shops, fabric from local stores, and so on.

We think local.

What now?

The next step for Handmade Lemonade is to try our products online at ETSY, the place-to-be for arts & crafts enthusiasts. Setting up an online store, deciding whether to go with inventory or production on demand, creating a product collection, and so on, that’s the challenge we have ahead and we are pumped for it!