Why Photography?

Working as a designer I was always around photography at the workplace. I was never behind the camera taking the shots until I got my first DSLR camera. After that I was completely hooked on photography not only as an important professional skill but most of all as a way of life. Having two friends as my mentors I quickly had access to all the techniques to shoot manual photos and from the start I was drawn to landscapes and long exposure photography taking advantage of BC’s natural beauty.
This knowledge helped me professionally when I had the opportunity to plan and build a photo studio at Amundson Outdoor Products, where I worked from 2013 to 2015 as Creative Marketing Manager. The studio allowed the company to handle all product photography work in Canada and brought the creative work to a whole new level.


Personal portfolio


What I did:

  • Landscape photography
  • Long Exposure photography
  • Product photography

Landscape & Long Exposure

Coming from a big city with no ocean or mountains is the main reason I fell in love with landscape photography living in Canada. There are so many different scenarios within a reasonable distance that you never get bored shooting landscapes in BC.

The long exposure technique allows the photographer to be more creative transforming a point-and-shoot into a well planned shot that can take hours to be perfect but it is totally worth it. The camera stays open capturing while everything that moves is transformed creating a beautiful effect on the still image. Running water, clouds, lights and other subjects are affected by a longer exposure giving room to creativity.

Product Photos at Amundson Outdoor Products

The company manufactures fishing and outdoor products for the Canadian market and one of the main items are fishing reels. Being able to build a studio on company grounds allowed us to play around and try different ways to shoot the products raising the quality of the company’s branding a long way.