What is VFW?

The Vancouver Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in western canada happening twice at year in Vancouver, BC.


Market Minds – 2017

Project: Redesign the client’s website with the main objective of highlighting the content (videos and photos).

What I did:

  • Concept
  • Web design

The Process

The first assignment was to understand the client needs in how to redesign the website and to take to a point where they would feed and manage the content. The chosen platform was WordPress, using custom css to create a clean design outlook to the project.

The Concept

“The content is King”.

The idea from the beginning was to make the content shine using the endless high quality videos and images the client owns. Selling the show both front and backstage was the main idea connecting the spectator to the designer, therefore creating the perfect canvas for the content.

The UI Design

The color coding was simple and followed the client’s branding guidelines, using black and white for everything that wasn’t content. The Quicksand type font was also kept from the client’s branding.

In order to showcase hundreds of designer’s collections without making the website heavy and slow we used plugins to show each designer as a pop up window instead of a page. To make the plugins work into the client’s branding custom css code was necessary.

The Result

The project delivered in two phases, with the basic structure done in 2 months so the client could start feeding the designers content. The final phase took another month of fine tuning and troubleshooting. Both the client’s and the general audience feedback was highly positive.